uuid, auto-generated, read-only

Internal id of the procedure.


Date, auto-generated, read-only

The date of the procedure creation/undoing.


string, auto-generated, read-only

The entity (eMall) whom the procedure has been created by.


string, multilingual, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod.

  • Ukrainian by default (required) - Ukrainian title
  • title_en (English) - English title
  • title_ru (Russian) - Russian title

Oprionally can be mentioned in English/Russian.

The name of the auction, displayed in listings.


string, multilingual, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod.

OpenContracting Description: A description of the goods, services to be provided.

  • Ukrainian by default - Ukrainian decription
  • decription_en (English) - English decription
  • decription_ru (Russian) - Russian decription

string, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod.

The number of the decision.


Date, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod.

The date of the decision on the approval of the terms of sale.


string, auto-generated, read-only

Purchase method. The only value is “open”.


string, auto-generated, read-only

The auction identifier to refer auction to in “paper” documentation.

OpenContracting Description: AuctionID should always be the same as the OCID. It is included to make the flattened data structure more convenient.


string, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod.

Identification number of the auction (also referred to as lot) in the XLS of Deposit Guarantee Fund.


string, required

Auction announcement. Possible values:

  • dgfOtherAssets - sale of the insolvent bank property
  • dgfFinancialAssets - sale of the creditor claim right

string, optional

Parameter that accelerates auction periods. Set quick, accelerator=1440 as text value for procurementMethodDetails for the time frames to be reduced in 1440 times. This mode will work only in the sandbox.


string, auto-generated, read-only

The given value is electronicAuction.


string, auto-generated, read-only

Сriterion of a winner selection. The given value is highestCost.


ProcuringEntity (Organizer), required

Organization conducting the auction.

OpenContracting Description: The entity managing the procurement, which may be different from the buyer who is paying / using the items being procured.


integer, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod.

The number which represents what time (from 1 up to 8) tender is taking place.


Value, required

Auction starting price. Bids lower than value will be rejected.

OpenContracting Description: The total estimated value of the procurement.


Guarantee, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod. guarantee.amount can not be greater than value.amount.

The assumption of responsibility for payment of performance of some obligation if the liable party fails to perform to expectations.


Array of Item objects, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod (Can editing in 2 ways: each object from the array separately and the entire array together).

List that contains single item being sold.

OpenContracting Description: The goods and services to be purchased, broken into line items wherever possible. Items should not be duplicated, but a quantity of 2 specified instead.


Array of Feature objects

Features of auction.


Array of Document objects

OpenContracting Description: All documents and attachments related to the auction.


Date, auto-generated, read-only

OpenContracting Description: Date when the auction was last modified


Array of Question objects

Questions to procuringEntity and answers to them.


Array of Bid objects

A list of all bids placed in the auction with information about participants, their proposals and other qualification documentation.

OpenContracting Description: A list of all the companies who entered submissions for the auction.


Value, required

Can be edited during the rectificationPeriod. minimalStep.amount can not be greater than value.amount.

Auction step (increment). Validation rules:

  • amount should be greater than Auction.value.amount
  • currency should either be absent or match Auction.value.currency
  • valueAddedTaxIncluded should either be absent or match Auction.value.valueAddedTaxIncluded

Array of Award objects

All qualifications (disqualifications and awards).


Array of Contract objects

OpenContracting Description: Information on contracts signed as part of a process.


Period, auto-generated, read-only

The time span during which the owner can edit some data within the procedure.


Period, auto-generated, read-only

Period when questions are allowed.

OpenContracting Description: The period during which enquiries may be made and will be answered.


Period, auto-generated, read-only

Period when bids can be submitted.

OpenContracting Description: The period when the auction is open for submissions. The end date is the closing date for auction submissions.


Period, required

Period when Auction is conducted. startDate should be provided.


url, auto-generated, read-only

A web address where auction is accessible for view.


Period, auto-generated, read-only

Awarding process period.

OpenContracting Description: The date or period on which an award is anticipated to be made.


string, required

 Tendering period (tendering) period (auction)
 Winner qualification (qualification)
active.awarded:Standstill period (standstill)
unsuccessful:Unsuccessful auction (unsuccessful)
complete:Complete auction (complete)
cancelled:Cancelled auction (cancelled)

Auction status.


string, auto-generated, read-only

Required for dgfFinancialAssets procedure.

This field is multilingual:

  • Ukrainian by default - До участі допускаються лише ліцензовані фінансові установи.
  • eligibilityCriteria_ru (Russian) - К участию допускаются только лицензированные финансовые учреждения.
  • eligibilityCriteria_en (English) - Only licensed financial institutions are eligible to participate.

Array of Cancellation objects.

Contains 1 object with active status in case of cancelled Auction.

The Cancellation object describes the reason of auction cancellation and contains accompanying documents if there are any.


Array of Revision objects, auto-generated

Historical changes to Auction object properties.


integer, auto-generated, read-only

Number of bids submitted within the auction.